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Case Study: DPIE Information Asset Register (IAR)

DPIE has a very effective Information Asset Register (IAR) that is used to create metadata records, link to corporate data sources and other resources, and identify the names of custodians, stewards, and creators within the organisation. The IAR has been used to document and identify high value information assets prior to publications of records and data through to the SEED environmental data portal. These records are also syndicated to Data.NSW open data portal.

The IAR has been in place for more than seven years and is supported by online training systems and a dedicated IAR team. A staff survey revealed awareness and use was limited to a few core business areas and those active users were very satisfied and very supportive.

In response to the survey results a second phase of integration has commenced and is aimed at promoting a broader culture of awareness and use across all business areas. Additional resources, including an IAR champions network, executive support, clarity around when and how to create and publish IAR records, and promotion of the benefits of good metadata management.

Last updated 07 Jun 2021