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Access to data and use of data related skills help government agencies develop and deliver better services.

This Data Skills pages bring together a broad range of data learning resources to support NSW Government employees. These pages will evolve over time to provide a growing set of learning materials on specific topics.

Department of Customer Service has also recently completed a draft Data Skills Survey Report to share the results of our Data Skills Survey. We received responses from 1156 NSW public sector employees on what data related skills they need and how they’d like to learn. We’ve developed this consultation report to consolidate what we’ve learned and to recommend some next steps. Please email us at with any feedback

Please note that the courses linked to below are examples only and the providers and courses mentioned are not endorsed by the NSW Government.

Using data to improve decisions and service delivery

Data enables informed decision making. Using data to inform policy and service design can help deliver better services, increase community participation, government transparency and economic opportunity. 

The Open Data Institute has published research on how data is being used to innovate and transform a range of industries.

The Open Data Institute has also conducted research into public services and the role open data plays in making them better and more cost effective.

Online training provider Coursera has an introductory online course on data driven decision making.  

Finding data to help me in my work

NSW Government open data can be accessed for free via Data NSW which brings together many NSW Government datasets into one searchable website.

Click here to browse NSW government data portals:

he federal open data portal, contains thousands of open data sets.

The Victorian, Queensland, South Australian, ACT, West Australian, Tasmanian governments also have their own, active open data portals.

Creating and using data visualisations

Data visualisations present insights from data analysis in engaging and visual ways to help anyone to understand key insights generated from data.

Class Central provides a comprehensive assessment of the best online visualisation courses, based on student reviews and content evaluations.

Some agencies have subscriptions to courses for staff. Data visualisation courses available through include:

The Queensland University of Technology offers an online course, Big Data: Data Visualisation.

Understanding data governance rules

Data.NSW provides an overview of legislation that outlines key, high level data governance requirements across the whole sector.

Agency staff should talk to internal colleagues about the business specific rules and requirements that apply to datasets in their organisation.

The Open Data Institute (ODI) has developed a Data Maturity Web App to help assess how well your organisation understands and implements its data governance responsibilities, as well as its maturity in other areas of data management. Supporting documentation is also available for download.

ODI’s Open Data Essentials short online course, also provides a brief over of key data governance considerations.

Data privacy and security

It is critical to manage privacy and security throughout the process of making, using and managing data.

The NSW Information and Privacy Commission website contains comprehensive information on privacy protection. 

The NSW Cyber Security Policy outlines the information security requirements for the NSW public sector.

Data.NSW contains information on how to safeguard data to protect privacy and data sensitivity.

Releasing open data

The NSW Open Data Policy explains what open data is, why it’s valuable to the NSW government and community, and outlines NSW agency responsibilities in relation to open data.

The NSW Information and Privacy Commission has an open data e-learn that explains the value of open data in NSW.

Open Data Essentials is a free app-based training course developed by The Open Data Institute that covers the fundamentals of open data.

Safeguarding your open data to ensure personal and sensitive information is protected is an important element of open data release.

Short courses

A list of courses to develop data skills.


Last updated: 19 June 2019