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Next Steps

Our approach to delivering on the Strategy is an iterative one. The Strategy will be reviewed annually to ensure we are well positioned to take advantage of emerging opportunities in data and technology and our increasing data maturity. The actions presented in the Strategy are for the first 12 months and we will monitor our progress on the actions and build on them in the future.

We will monitor progress on:

  • Delivery of the sector-wide actions outlined in this Strategy
  • Development and implementation of Department and Agency Data Roadmaps
  • Identification and prioritisation of data sets considered to be of high value across the sector
  • Sharing and sourcing of priority data sets identified as being of high value across the sector
  • The effectiveness of the NSW Data Leadership Group as a forum for collaboration on initiatives requiring cross-sector data sharing to achieve shared outcomes.

As new case studies are identified, they will be incorporated into the online version of the Strategy.

Last updated 07 Jun 2021