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Data.NSW aims to increase the safe use of data across NSW government in order to support data-driven decision making and deliver better outcomes for the people of NSW. Data.NSW encourages data collaboration and innovation across government, the NSW public and industry by providing a single search environment for NSW data assets. It will support better customer service, policy development, responsiveness and innovation.

Every government agency collects data but often do not share their data with other agencies. Data.NSW provides a secure platform and resources to support agencies to share their data. Ultimately this will help NSW government to build better products and services for the community. 

Privacy iconData.NSW and Privacy

Use of data needs to happen with the trust and consent of the NSW community. Across government, data sharing frameworks are designed to ensure no personal information is shared, unless there is clear consent for this, or unless the NSW Privacy Commissioner has been involved in developing approaches that minimise public impact. The NSW Information and Privacy Commission has a data breach reporting requirement to inform the community of any privacy issues caused by government data use. 

To drive transparency and openness, NSW government commits to: 

  • Communicate clearly about what we are doing with data 
  • Be open about how we are managing any risks 
  • Track the benefits that come from data sharing and promote good news 
  • Provide clear response lines for community concerns about government data use 
  • Be upfront about any problems that occur through government use of data. 


Get involved!

Data.NSW is a living program for the public, private sector and government, and it needs you to help it grow and become the environment that we need it to be. You can get involved by:  

  • providing feedback on any part of the Data.NSW content and environment 
  • telling us about functionality or guidance you’d like to see 
  • contributing data to the Data.NSW data platforms 
  • sharing your resources to be incorporated into Data.NSW or suggesting your work as a case study 
  • collaborating via the discussion forum