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Case Study: New South Wales (NSW) Trend Atlas

The NSW Trend Atlas is an example of a purpose built cross-government resource utilising multiple data sources to provide timely, reusable insights to users across NSW government.

The Department of Premier and Cabinet’s foresight team, Shaping Futures, is developing an insight tool for government agencies to better understand the local and global trends most relevant to NSW and to support agencies to navigate future operating environments. The platform will help government agencies:

  • evolve their planning practice to be more adaptable and resilient to change and future shocks
  • better position and prepare for global and national competition in innovation
  • foster collaboration and insight sharing to break down silos between agencies.

The platform will provide access to a diverse set of quantitative and qualitative data from NSW, Australian, and global sources, enriched with insights developed via trend analysis. It will make futures analysis easier to integrate into government decision making, strategic planning, policy development, and service redesign. Drawing on the same insights will also bring greater consistency across different government initiatives and build capability within government.

Last updated 07 Jun 2021