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Data Quality Reporting Tool

Datasets that include a Data Quality Statement are downloaded almost twice as much as those that don’t (NSW ICT Metrics Report 2015-16). That’s why we have launched the Data Quality Reporting Tool; it makes the process of creating Data Quality Statements much easier. 

A Data Quality Statement provides a description of the characteristics of a dataset. It is valuable because it helps users: 
•    Decide whether the data will be fit for their specific purpose  
•    Understand the value of the data and how the data could be used 
•    Know whether it can link with other data sources, or be compared with other, similar data. 
•    Properly budget for any data cleansing/standardisation required prior to linking and merging the data

All NSW government data that is released and shared should be supported by a Data Quality Statement to help data users make an informed decision about their data use.  

The tool takes the format of an online guided questionnaire of 25 questions and is formed of three stages: Identify, Describe, Create. The questions relate to different themes called data dimensions. These include the institutional environment, accuracy, coherence, interpretability, and accessibility of the data. 

Depending on how prepared you are, the process should take about 20 minutes to complete. It’s a good idea to explore the questions covered by data quality reporting tool so you have a clear idea of what is required before you start. You can find a preview of the data quality tool questionnaire in Appendix A of the NSW Standard for Data Quality Reporting

For further information please see the NSW Government Standard for Quality Reporting.


Data Quality Reporting Tool

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Last updated 06 Jul 2023