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Case Study: HealthStats NSW

HealthStats NSW is an interactive and user-friendly website which compiles data from multiple sources, and allows users to access and download data, as well as create tailored reports about the health of the New South Wales population. HealthStats NSW is highly flexible and caters to a broad range of users with different needs.

Data on HealthStats NSW is easily accessible and can be searched by keyword or topic. Users can also search the data by location, namely Local Health District, Local Government Area or Primary Health Network.

Topics are further subdivided into groups, allowing users to drill down into specific conditions or diseases, and explore the data for different segments of the population. Users can view trends by criteria such as age, gender, socioeconomic status, year, rurality and location. The most popular topics include obesity, smoking, alcohol, Aboriginal health and immunisation. HealthStats NSW has 1200 active users per week with over 100 pages viewed per working hour.

The data on HealthStats NSW is also available in a range of formats to suit different needs. For each topic or indicator, users have the option of downloading a simple or advanced spreadsheet, as well as the data table, the graph image and documents containing additional information.

Through the “My Report” feature, users can generate and download customised printable reports using data from multiple indicators. Users are also able to access and download a number of standard reports and publications.


Last updated 24 Jul 2023