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Infrastructure Data Management Framework

The NSW Government builds, owns and manages a significant portfolio of major infrastructure assets. The planning, design, construction and operation of these assets results in the creation, procurement and use of increasingly valuable data relating to the infrastructure portfolio. This data and information is a state asset that needs to be effectively managed across the lifecycle of the infrastructure assets. 

The Infrastructure Data Management Framework (IDMF) is a set of guidelines, procedures and standard approaches to support consistent management of infrastructure data across the NSW Government sector. The IDMF is aligned with the NSW Information Management Framework (IMF), which provides more general guidance on the management of government data and information. 

Broad adoption of the principles and guidance of the IDMF will ensure that NSW has a coordinated, standardised and trusted framework to harness infrastructure data to better plan and operate the State’s infrastructure systems. It provides guidance on the generation or collection, curation, sharing, archival and disposal of the State's infrastructure data. 



Vision and principles


Background, strategy, structure and audience

Key Concepts

Definition of key concepts, including infrastructure, data as an asset and asset management

Organising the organisation  

Data governance, technology and procurement

Data Requirements

Structuring and analysing data for strategic advantage

Data Structure and Coordination

Creating, coordinating, checking and integrating data


Data Management and Practice

Bottom up management and inventory of data sources


Organising and storing data for analysis

Implementation Guidance

Advice on implementing the IDMF approach in organisations


For a PDF version of the IDMF and executive summary please download the PDF

The full text of the IDMF is available as a PDF here.

The executive summary of the IDMF is available as a PDF here.



Last updated 02 Dec 2020