Data sharing agreements and licenses

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Organisations can develop a range of data sharing rules, depending on what they feel comfortable with, and depending on the sensitivity of the data.

Making your data freely available – open data licensing

Open data is data that an agency wants to make available to the community and to the private sector.

Creative Commons licenses are recommended for all open data. The Creative Commons licenses are designed to provide copyright owners with an efficient way to manage the rights contained in their copyright work, and to provide data users with simple and flexible terms for use. Creative Commons is an internationally recognised licensing standard and has been adopted as the default position for open data in many other jurisdictions.

Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY), the recommended default license, allows users to distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon the data, even commercially, as long as they credit the licensor for the original creation in the terms required by the licensor. CC BY is one of a number of licences in the Creative Commons licensing suite.

See the full list of Creative Commons 4.0 license types

Data sharing agreement generator

We are working with agencies to develop tools and approaches that let them customise data sharing agreements, and develop data sharing approaches that best meet their needs. 

Currently we are piloting our data sharing agreement generator with agencies that are involved in data sharing. 

You can access the data sharing agreement generator prototype to assess whether it meets your data sharing agreement needs. 

Data sharing checklists

The Data sharing checklist for data owners outlines key undertakings for data owners when sharing data.

The Data sharing checklist for data requestors outlines key undertakings that data requestors should agree to when applying to use another agency's data.

Agencies can assess these tools to assess whether they meet data sharing agreement needs in low risk data sharing scenarios. 

Other data sharing licenses

At Data.NSW, we’re currently working with agencies sharing data to design the data sharing license and agreement process that works best for them.

We’re also taking inspiration from our colleagues in Western Australia and are considering how we can apply a range of access rules to the data on Data.NSW and in the NSW Data Portal, to make it easy for owners to share their data with trust partners, and to make it easy for users to understand what rules apply to the data they want to use.

Open data

Data that’s available for use by everyone.

This is an image of an open data license.



Open login

Data that’s available for use by everyone once you’ve registered a login.

This is an image of the open data login license type.



Fees apply

Data that’s available for use subject to payment.

This is an image of the feels apply license type




Data that requires approval to access.

This is an image of the restricted license type.



Government use only

Data that’s only available to certain government agencies or levels of government.

This is an image of a government use only license type.




Datasets which have a variety of data resources for accessing the data, and a mix of access categories apply.

This is an image of a mixed license type.




Last updated: 19 June 2019