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Inter-governmental Agreement (IGA) on Data Sharing

In July 2021, the New South Wales Government entered into an Intergovernmental Agreement on Data Sharing (IGA) to improve the way that public sector data is shared between Commonwealth and State and Territory Governments.  

The IGA commits all Australian jurisdictions to share public sector data as a default position, where it can be done securely, safely, lawfully and ethically. It recognises data as a shared national asset and aims to maximise the value of data to deliver outstanding policies and services for Australians. 

The IGA builds on nationwide efforts to share data, in support of targeting emergency and recovery measures during the COVID-19 pandemic and future emergencies or pandemics as may be the case. Further information about the IGA is available at


National Data Sharing Work Program  

The IGA is supported by a National Data Sharing Work Program overseen by the Data and Digital Ministers. The second National Data Sharing Work Program has been approved.  

For more information, see the Data and Digital Ministers’ Meeting Communique 4 November 2022.

Last updated 26 Jun 2023