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Working with the Data Analytics Centre

The NSW Data Analytics Centre (DAC) encourages government-wide data-sharing and collaboration. Government agencies have traditionally been responsible for achieving objectives within their own department, constrained by budget and resources. The creation of a central data platform facilitates data sharing and collaboration, combating operational silos and focusing on state-wide outcomes. 

The DAC applies an agile, stakeholder-focused approach to projects, characterised by short iterations and frequent client engagement. This approach optimises the client experience, as service delivery is collaborative and adaptable. 

Agile iteration schedule

The DAC worked with other agencies to cover issues from improving pedestrian safety to investigating property overcrowding. Some projects have progressed through several phases; from an initial proof of concept to the creation of government IP, which may be commercialised and sold to other government agencies and potentially even the private sector.  

Last updated 10 Jun 2020