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NSW Government Open Data Publishing Guidelines

Open data publishing guidelines have been developed to help NSW Government agency Data Custodians publish open data. 

Release of open data by government means the community is well-informed and can make better decisions for themselves. However, there may be unintended consequences to releasing some data as open data, for example release of personal or otherwise sensitive information. Therefore, it is important to ensure appropriate safeguards are in place before data is released as open data.  

The purpose of the NSW Government open data publishing guidelines is to:  

  • Describe the open data publishing process  
  • Provide a clear approval process to follow for publishing open data  
  • Include guidance for publishing data in a digitally connected environment  
  • Describe roles and responsibilities for data custodians and other parties  
  • Mitigate risks associated with the publication of open data.  

image of graph for open data publishing guideliens

Table 1. NSW Government Open Data Publishing Guideline process

Contact to request the latest version of the guidelines. 

Last updated 15 Jul 2024