NSW Data Analytics Centre

The NSW Data Analytics Centre’s (DAC) mission is to build world-class capabilities in whole-of-government data analytics to improve health and well-being, safety, social, economic and environmental outcomes for the citizens of NSW. In a world of increasing complexity, population growth and rapid change, data analytics has the potential to deliver innovation in service provisions and improve outcomes by generating new perspectives on complex problems. The NSW DAC was the first of its kind in Australia, and a model now being replicated in other jurisdictions.

NSW DAC has been working on projects designed to make our streets and roads safer, our businesses vibrant, and our environment cleaner. With a team of multidisciplinary and highly qualified personnel, and an organisational structure that fosters a creative work environment, NSW DAC is leading whole-of-government data analytics. As the trusted data user and a source of technical, methodological and practice expertise the DAC is in a unique position to assist NSW Government to realise the value of its data. 

Our services

The NSW DAC collaborates with Government Agencies and approaches complex, stakeholder-oriented problems through the provision of the following services:

Data Science

Apply analytics and data science approaches to realise the potential of data to improve customer outcomes

  • Lead on Commonwealth and cross-jurisdictional data coordination
  • Provide stewardship for linked data assets
  • Provide capability and support for agency-led projects
  • Inspire widespread adoption of analytics and data science
  • Support policy and service development and delivery using machine learning, automation and Artificial Intelligence


Build a strong data culture and promote the release, sharing and use of data to contribute to better customer outcomes

  • Maintain Data.NSW, including enhancing data discoverability, enabling user feedback and publishing data stories and case studies
  • Provide data strategy, policy, guidance, and tools to support release, sharing and use of data
  • Provide support on data governance, including on privacy, security and ethics 
  • Build a strong data culture and enhance data capability across government
  • Coordinate the Data Champions Network and undertake public engagement and data events

Data Services

Provide world class capability for data science and analytics, safe data sharing and data search and discovery

  • Provide secure and strongly governed data infrastructure 
  • Enable automated discovery of government data
  • Provide research, analytics and insights tools and virtual workspaces
  • Provide data visualisation capabilities
  • Provide self-service analytics

Contact us

For more information, please contact us at dac@customerservice.nsw.gov.au