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Commencing 6 May is the Privacy Awareness Week (PAW). Data.NSW has joined the Information and Privacy Commission’s 2024 Champion Program. PAW is an international campaign which highlights the importance of protecting personal information. This year’s theme is ‘Privacy and technology: Improving transparency, accountability and security.’ 

Data.NSW, through the NSW Government Data Strategy, ensures the data that NSW Government collects and insights it creates are used and shared across government in a manner that is consistent and compliant with privacy and other legislative requirements and ethical standards.  

During PAW it is a great time to revisit some helpful resources that are available to you, whether you work in the public sector, or if you are a member of the community wondering how NSW Government protects personal information.   


  1. The Smart Places Data Protection Policy provides guidance on the privacy, security and ethical considerations when using data collected from smart devices such as sensors or drones and other technology for decision-making. This policy also enables the NSW government, local councils and private industry partners to use and actively manage the smart places data from collection to disposal. 
  2. The NSW Government Open Data Policy promotes the release of open datasets and protection of datasets where required. Data.NSW adheres to privacy principles and the NSW Government Information Classification, Labelling and Handling Guidelines to ensure that released open data does not contain any sensitive, personal or health information.  
  3. The Data Governance Toolkit provides practical and consistent guidance on the key components of an effective data governance program. This toolkit supports NSW Government agencies in ensuring data is understood, trusted and appropriately used.  
  4. The NSW Artificial Intelligence Assurance Framework assists project teams using artificial intelligence (AI) technology to analyse and document their AI specific risks. This framework also provides clear requirements for agencies to design, build and use AI technologies ethically and appropriately.  


These resources demonstrate NSW Government’s commitment to a safe approach to using and sharing data and insights by providing information and guidance on how the technologies work, including personal information collection and management practices and cyber security measures and security safeguards.  


Feedback and further information 

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For more information about Privacy Awareness Week, visit the Information and Privacy Commission’s (IPC) website: