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We are excited to announce some important updates to Data.NSW. The Smart Places Data Protection Policy is now live and the Data Quality Reporting Tool (DQRT) has been refreshed. The Smart Places Data Protection Policy provides guidance on collecting, storing and using data from smart places in line with privacy, security and ethical standards. The DQRT is an online questionnaire which assists agencies to report the quality of a dataset by the following data quality domains institutional environment, accuracy, coherence, interpretability, and accessibility. Both the Policy and the DQRT will help public sector agencies as well as non-government users by providing guidelines on safeguarding their data and enhancing its quality.

In the ever-changing world of technology, data plays an important role in informing  decision making and fostering innovation. The Policy and the DQRT provide updated guidance on best practices in NSW. 

NSW Smart Places Data Protection Policy
The NSW Smart Places Data Protection Policy is  an integral part of the NSW Smart Places Strategy released in 2020, which aims to leverage digital technologies to enhance liveability and economic prosperity by bringing smart solutions to communities. As part of this strategy, the Data Protection Policy fosters public trust by  providing guidance on the responsible and safe collection, storage and use of personal information in smart places.

The NSW Smart Places Data Protection Policy aligns with the NSW Government Data Strategy by emphasising the importance of sound and compliant data governance and management practices to enhance transparency and trust by adhering to privacy, security, and ethical standards. It aims to assist both public and private sector smart places practitioners in implementing lawful and best practice data protection throughout the entire data management lifecycle. 

Data Quality Reporting Tool
Data Quality, generally accepted as “fitness for purpose”, refers to the reliability and accuracy of data. The NSW Government provides the Data Quality Reporting Tool to equip agencies with the means to both assess and improve data quality. Acting as a valuable assistant, it enables agencies to evaluate the accuracy, reliability, and other essential characteristics of their data.

The Data Quality Reporting Tool has been updated to ensure data users can accurately assess a datasets suitability for their analysis including understanding the strengths and limitations of the dataset.

Providing a Data Quality Statement for all NSW Government data that is released and shared is important for transparency, accountability, and promoting trust, as it ensures consistent assessment and reporting while demonstrating the government's commitment to data quality.


Further information on data quality reporting is available in the NSW Government Standard for Quality Reporting.

If you have any questions or any feedback you would like to share on these particular updates, please reach out to us at