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NSW Budget 2022-23  image of calendar chart with tick

The NSW Data Analytics Centre (DAC) aims to deliver improved customer experience and outcomes through data and insights. The DAC recently delivered the My Budget 2022 – 2023 visual map which is an interactive interface that displays data on the NSW Government’s infrastructure and capitals investments.

The map includes started and upcoming programs across the state which are displayed by the below categories:
-    Education
-    Government services
-    Health
-    Police and justice
-    Transport
-    Utilities
-    Community Services
-    Arts, Culture, and Recreation
-    Others

The map allows customers to better understand allocated government investments across the state and removes the need for customers to read the details of the Budget Paper.

My Budget 2022 – 2023 is available to view on the Data.NSW portal, click here to view the mapping. 


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