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The third International Data Week (IDW) will begin in Seoul, Korea after the successful events in Denver, Colorado USA in 2016 followed by Gaborone, Botswana in 2018. The theme for this year’s IDW is “Data to improve our world” in response to major global challenges including: 

  1. Addressing climate change  
  2. Controlling disease   
  3. Reducing disaster risk  
  4. Achieving the sustainable development goals   

This event will bring together data scientists, researchers, industry leaders, entrepreneurs, policy makers and data stewards from across the world to discover and explore how to leverage the data revolution to improve our world.   
NSW Data Analytics Centre  
The NSW Data Analytics Centre (DAC), made up of three teams (Data Science, Data.NSW, Data Services) collaborates with Government agencies to solve complex problems. It aims to do this by building world-class data analytics capabilities to improve outcomes for NSW residents.   
The DAC has been working on projects designed to make our streets and roads safer, our businesses more vibrant, our environment cleaner, and providing up to date COVVID-19 statistics for the public. With a multidisciplinary team, and an organisational structure which fosters a creative work environment, NSW DAC is leading whole-of-government data analytics focused on better outcomes for the state.  

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