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As the new year begins, the Data Champions Network (DCN) gathers for its first meeting of 2024, ready to support innovative data solutions and encourage collaboration within the NSW government.  

Recap of last meeting 

Evaluation of capability building: 

Ash Morse from the NSW Behavioural Insights Unit explored the complexities of assessing behavioural insights capability, highlighting challenges in defining and measuring such capabilities. Through surveys and analysis, Ash evaluated the effectiveness of the unit's BehaviourSmart Bootcamp program in increasing use of behavioural insights among participants. 

Meanwhile, Selena Ledger, also from the DCS Behavioural Insights unit, shared insights from a project focused on designing evaluations around new processes in a government context, emphasising the importance of embedding behavioural insights from the beginning of projects and the agility required in planning and evaluation. 


The Water Group’s Open Data Initiatives: Achievements and Future Plans: 

Ben Wilson from the Water Group, Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment, and Water, discussed the improvements made to the Water Group’s open data program since the establishment of the Data Products Team in 2021. He outlined steps taken to define and implement open data frameworks including challenges in cataloguing and prioritising datasets. Ben also mentioned efforts to improve the discoverability of publications through a publication’s library project. Further information can be found in the Water Hub.  


Join today! 

Join the DCN to shape the future of data governance and drive positive change through collaboration and innovation in data-driven decision-making within government organisations. 

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