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More than 140 data professionals and enthusiasts from across government tuned in for the last DCN meeting for 2022 on Friday 28 October 2022. 

Recap of the latest meeting

Mostafa Shaikh, Senior Data Scientist from eHealth NSW, spoke about how Electronic Medical Records (EMR) have streamlined administrative workflow for clinicians and increased quality of patient care. EMR removes the need to store paper medical records and provides clinicians with access to patient data, reports on unnecessary overrides and dangerous combinations of medications. 

Sara Rahman, Research Manager from NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research, shared an evaluation of the NSW Mandatory Alcohol Interlock Program which found first-time drink drivers who installed the blood alcohol content devices in their care were 86 per cent less likely to reoffend.
If you would like to read more about this initiative, please see the below links of Sara’s papers:
The effectiveness of alcohol interlock devices
Predictors of commencement and completion of the Mandatory Alcohol Interlock Program

Mo Chandrasekar, Head of Engineering, Data Analytics from Department of Education, spoke about the how the department’s Check-in Assessment project has reduced administrative burden for teachers by enabling online diagnostic assessment. By digitising the assessment process teachers are now able to review NAPLAN results within 48 hours, where it previously could take up to three three months.
Click here for more information on the Check-in Assessment.

Our final presenter for the meeting, Sarah Sutton, Unit Head of Data Strategy from Environment Protection Authority (EPA), sought expressions of interest to join a NSW Government Data Governance Working group. This group will meet every two months starting from early 2023 and would explore data governance topics including:  
1.    Roles and responsibilities in data and data driven culture 
2.    Cataloguing data-assets
3.    Organisational Operation models 
4.    Data Quality frameworks 
5.    Data Sharing  
Recap of speakers and presenters for 2022
We had an amazing year hosting for all champions, allowing our community of data experts and enthusiasts to share, learn and network.

recap diagram of speakers for the data champions network 2022

Looking forward to 2023 – Spread the word!
As the DCN grows and evolves, we cannot wait to see what is ahead for next year. Dates for 2023 network will be announced via email. We look forward to seeing you in 2023.

What is the DCN?
The DCN was established by the Department of Customer Service in 2018 to bring together data experts and enthusiasts from across all levels of government in NSW. The meetings occur on a regular quarterly basis and shares insights into the progress, benefits and outcomes of data-informed projects across government. The DCN also provides a way to foster knowledge sharing, facilitate access to expertise and build a sense of community among our champions.

Join today!

If you are from an NSW Government organisation and would like to participate in the DCN or showcase your team or agency’s data-related initiatives, please contact us via email.
If you have any questions or enquiries regarding the Data Champions Network, would like to present or connect with colleagues, please email: