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The recent Data Champions Network meeting, held on 29 September 2023 showcased government initiatives aimed at improving services and insights for more accurate and timely decision making. 


Recap of last meeting 

Enhancing Cardiac Care through Data Analysis 

Dr. Rachel Farber, Senior Epidemiologist at NSW Health, presented her research on improving patient care for acute myocardial infarction (AMI) through data analysis across jurisdictions. Focusing on cardiac care in New South Wales (NSW), Dr. Farber stressed the importance of timely treatment, equitable care and improving data accuracy using the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) and the National Health Service (NHS) codes. She also discussed the challenges of accurately identifying Indigenous individuals in healthcare records and shared the project team’s jurisdictional data request process. 


AI-Powered Insights via Interactive Dashboards 

Mat Kor, Senior Data Analyst from the Data Analytics Centre at the Department of Customer Service showcased a project which used Generative AI to analyse social media data. This project explored sentiment analysis, theme identification, and emotion analysis through an interactive dashboard, reducing the time to review the posts which is usually undertaken manually. Mat and the team are open to data requests and are excited about the technology's potential. 


Simplified Access to Revenue NSW's Data 

Kristel Wallis, Manager of Analysis & Reporting, introduced Revenue NSW's user-friendly open data self-service portal. This platform simplifies data access with a five-step process, prioritising data privacy through redaction and plans for a data dictionary. Future releases may include direct downloads and API access, making it easier for users while reducing information requests. 


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