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Vision & Objectives

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The vision for the IDMF is to: 

Establish a coordinated, shared, and standardised approach within NSW Government for the management of infrastructure data. 

This vision is supported by several key objectives, including to: 

  • improve access to NSW Government service and infrastructure data and information 
  • improve collaboration and sharing of service and infrastructure data and information managed by multiple information stewards and custodians, across the asset and information life cycles 
  • improve service and whole of life infrastructure investment decisions 
  • improve the ability of agencies to meet and document statutory and legislative compliance requirements 
  • capture lessons learnt and best practice from NSW Government agencies and service providers. 

The IDMF provides guidance on process and data requirements to support agencies in adopting this framework.  It relies on the NSW Open Data Policy and encourages the use of Data.NSW platforms and services to publish and share data in near to real time.  

Adoption and implementation of the IDMF will assist agencies and contracted service providers to: 

  • Manage open infrastructure data and information in a secure, structured and consistent manner 
  • Enable informed decision making in relation to planning, delivery and management of safe, sustainable and integrated infrastructure by having the right data and information available and accessible at the right time 
  • Ensure that decision makers use fit for purpose data to support evidence-based decision making to balance whole of life cost, risk and asset performance. 

The IDMF ultimately supports the creation and management of digital twins for infrastructure assets to enable smart infrastructure and smart places. Adoption and implementation of the IDMF will be measured against the objectives above.  

Are the IDMF principles fit for your agency's infrastructure data management purposes?

Contact the IDMF development team via email at


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