Open data is part of the broader NSW Government commitment to open government. This involves public access to open information in a variety of formats. The release of usable and up to date datasets provides benefits that apply across government, to individuals and industry, and contributes to wider social and economic benefits. Open, transparent and accountable government is boosted by the availability of information on how government works and what it does.

NSW Government data is disseminated through Data NSW. This is a central data catalogue which provides links to datasets and data portals across NSW Government.

This Action Plan supports the NSW Government Open Data Policy and is consistent with relevant legislation and policy, and contemporary State, National and international guidance, standards and best practice.

Download a PDF version of the Action Plan here.

The Action Plan was developed through the NSW Open Data Challenge Workshop, held on 1 December 2015 with users and consumers of open data. The workshop identified 7 initiatives to drive the release of Better, Faster, More open data.

Better data in accessible, consumable formats with metadata and quality statements. Faster release of data using automated processes, standard data categories and trusted user model. More data released and discoverable through central portals.



Initiative 1. Data Request Service


Jun 2016 Sep 2016 Dec 2016 Jun 2017 Dec 2017
Develop a data request service so that the public can easily request data to be released or updated          

The Data Request Service is available on Data NSW and is supported by a Rolling Release Schedule for open data. The Rolling Release Schedule establishes targets and timeframes for each cluster to improve the openness of their published data and to release new, high value datasets.


Initiative 2. Open Data Innovation Scorecard


Jun 2016 Sep 2016 Dec 2016 Jun 2017 Dec 2017
Develop and publish maturity score card to guide agency progress towards open government/open data          
A standard process for agencies to report on data exempt under GIPA. Reasons for not publishing data in response to a request are published by agencies on Data.NSW          


Initiative 3. Sustaining Open Data


Jun 2016 Sep 2016 Dec 2016 Jun 2017 Dec 2017
Establish a standard process to assist agencies prioritise the development of APIs to share data          
Prioritise the release of high value data, including:

  • Fiscal
  • Extraction industries
  • Environmental & pollution
  • Aggregated and statistical data
Develop a workflow guide for open data responsibilities to be embedded into business as usual (BAU) practices          
Develop pre-approved categories for open data release and incorporate this in GIPA to streamline data release          


Initiative 4. dMarketplace

These metrics have been updated as the dMarketplace project is currently under development.


Jun 2016 Sep 2016 Dec 2016 Jun 2017 Dec 2017
Work with the IPC to develop a charter of rights for open data users          
Lead an innovation challenge to create an integration layer to find and connect different NSW government open data sets          
Establish a user rating system for datasets          
Deliver a platform for industry and research to publish data connected with NSW and other Government data          


Initiative 5. Making Links With Data


Jun 2016 Sep 2016 Dec 2016 Jun 2017 Dec 2017
Improved quality of metadata and inclusion of data quality statements on Data NSW          
Reduce fragmentation and duplication of datasets          
Simplify the choice of safeguards for sensitive datasets by developing standard checklists/processes for agencies to use when de-identifying data          
Data prioritised for publication in accessible formats, spatially enabled for linkage          


Initiative 6. Incentivising Open Data and Fostering Innovation


Jun 2016 Sep 2016 Dec 2016 Jun 2017 Dec 2017
Develop a standard checklist for establishing the value of a dataset          
Identify partnership models with the private sector for investment to release data          
Pilot a program to utilise open data with final year students in universities          
Publish data from research funded by NSW Government on Data.NSW          
Recognise achievements in open data via annual awards for individuals, industry and start-ups that have excelled in the release and use of open data          
Establish graduate programs with universities to build capability across the public sector to share and use data more effectively          


Initiative 7. Connecting Data and Stories


Jun 2016 Sep 2016 Dec 2016 Jun 2017 Dec 2017
Open Data Blog on Data.NSW created          
Establish a platform to showcase Open Data best practices and opportunities for Government, research and industry          
Effectively engage the public in the design of datasets and the process of release          


  Action due or in progress
  Minor variance - anticipated completion next quarter
  Major variance - delivery more than one quarter overdue