This page lists useful links to data catalogues offering access and reuse to Australian public datasets.

Archives Explored Online (AEON) - Western Australian
AEON is a tool to assist you access records in the State archives collection. AEON provides information about what records are in the State archives collection; and the contexts in which these records were created.

Australian Ocean Data Network Portal (AODN)
This portal is the primary access point for search, discovery, access and download of data collected by the Australian marine community. The portal provides two ways of discovering data either through the map interface, or by searching the metadata catalogue.

Discover all there is to know about NSW, Your gateway to government information using the latest in geo-spatial technology.

Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS)
The ABS assists and encourages informed decision-making, research and discussion within governments and the community, by providing a high quality, objective and responsive national statistical service.

Australian Cultural data
Cultural Data Online provides access to a broad range of research relating to the arts and culture in Australia. This includes data on cultural tourism, employment and funding and participation and attendance at cultural venues and events.

Australian Government Data Catalogue
This site provides an easy way to find, access and reuse public datasets from the Australian Government and state and territory governments. The main purpose of the site is to encourage public access to and reuse of government data by providing it in useful formats and under open licences.

Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) Data Catalogue
The Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) Data Catalogue is the place to obtain online access to AIMS data. The catalogue can be searched to show details about each dataset. Some AIMS data are available online using a number of visualisation tools

Australian Taxation Office (ATO) statistics centre
The ATO collects information from a variety of sources to undertake its activities as the Government’s principal revenue collection agency, including tax returns and activity statements. This information can also be used to produce statistics which can be used to inform the community about the taxation and superannuation systems.

CSIRO Data Access Portal
The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)’s Data Access Portal provides access to data published by CSIRO across a range of disciplines.

dataACT (Australian Capital Territory)
dataACT is an open data service initiative for the ACT community that enables individuals, businesses, data journalists, NGOs and even other people in the public sector to access, explore and build upon existing government data sets in new and innovative ways.

DataSearch Victoria
This site is an online search and discovery tool that enables assessment of available Spatial Data resources to meet business objectives. You can search for data based on 'where' (i.e. a place or an area or select on map) or 'what' (i.e. theme or keyword) or both 'where' and 'what'.

Heritage library NSW
The Heritage Library is an essential resource which makes available to the public a wide range of specialist heritage materials. The major collection of over 13,000 items includes conservation management plans, heritage studies, thematic studies, Australian and NSW histories, heritage monographs and journals.

inHerit Western Australia (Heritage Council’s Places Database)
This portal is your one-stop portal for information about heritage places and listings in Western Australia. inHerit contains comprehensive information about cultural heritage places listed in the State Register of Heritage Places, local government inventories and other lists, the Australian Government's heritage list, and other non-government lists and surveys.

Land Channel Victoria
The Land Channel is a government website that provides integrated access to information about land, resources and property services in Victoria.

Mosman Council DATAstore
This DATAstore is both catalogue and repository for public, machine-readable information published by Mosman Council (New South Wales, Australia) for the purposes of building web services with the community.

Queensland Government Information Service
This service is a Queensland Government initiative to provide improved public access to a variety of geospatial and associated data. You can discover, display, select and download or order data over an area of interest in selected formats, including map coverage data, image data and text file data.

Research Data Australia
Research Data Australia is an Internet-based discovery service designed to provide rich connections between data, projects, researchers and institutions, and promote visibility of Australian research data collections in search engines.

South Australian Heritage Places Database
The South Australian Heritage Places Database is an online search tool to assist people to find information about Heritage Places in South Australia, including locality maps.

Victorian Government Data Directory
The Victorian Government Data Directory is a 'portal' - a specialised website that helps you find the datasets and data tools that exist on Victorian government websites. It is both an easy-to-use directory and a powerful search engine.

Victorian Heritage Database
The Victorian Heritage Database is a fully searchable online database containing information about Victorian Heritage Places and Precincts, including statements of significance, physical descriptions, historical information, builder, architectural style, photographs and heritage overlay number.