Welcome to the NSW Government’s Information Asset Register (IAR).

The IAR provides searchable metadata and contact details for a list of core-value information assets, including datasets, held by NSW government agencies, in order to facilitate their sharing between agencies. It does not host data, only metadata about datasets.

The information in these datasets is more sensitive than those held in Data.NSW. You must be a designated NSW Government employee in order to access the IAR. Metadata contained in the IAR and any information from the datasets listed is not for public release without the express permission of its custodians.

Core-value information assets including datasets will be identified by the agency responsible for managing the dataset (the ‘custodian’). Core-value information assets are those that have one or more of the following characteristics, in that they are:

  • Best aligned to NSW Government strategic objectives

  • Central for the progression and development of the State

  • Required for frequent use and re-use across Government in support of various functions and services

The benefits from sharing these information assets are anticipated to include:

  • Identification of custodians of core value information assets in support of the NSW Data and Information Custodianship Policy

  • Facilitation of data sharing across NSW Government

  • Reduction of duplication of effort by “build/collect once; re-use many times”

  • Reduction of discrepancies between similar datasets and raise awareness/use of authoritative data sources

  • Support of business case development and enable agencies to identify information assets that could be re-used

  • Facilitation of better use of data and information management skills and capabilities across government

It is the responsibility of agencies to make arrangements to share the datasets. Please refer to the Enabling Information Sharing page on the ICT Strategy website for guidance.

If you would like to request access to the IAR (as either a user or data custodian), you can do so via the NSW Government's Identity Hub Portal. Note that your request for access will be subject to assessment by administrators.

More Information

If you have any questions or feedback, including adding any information assets of core value to the site, please email us at datansw@finance.nsw.gov.au.

The IAR is part of the Open Data initiative of the NSW Government ICT Strategy. For more information on the NSW Government ICT Strategy please see: https://www.finance.nsw.gov.au/ict/