• Collections

    API access to original materials collections, i.e. photographs, manuscripts, pictorial material, through its search API via Funnelback, the information retrieval system deployed...
  • Roads - Static - Parking - Off-Street

    Parking spaces that are available for service and delivery drivers in Sydney’s CBD (at commercial rates) in GeoJSON and CSV format
  • Roads - Static - Loading Zones - Kerbside

    Location of Sydney CBD kerbside loading zones (for use by delivery vehicles when loading or unloading goods) by street and time of day (hourly) in JSON and XLS (MS Excel) formats
  • Roads - Realtime - Site Status

    Current status of the Live Traffic NSW website in JSON format
  • Roads - Realtime - Hazards

    Incidents, Fires, Floods, Alpine Conditions, Major Events and Roadworks information including GPS coordinates in GeoJSON format
  • Roads - Realtime - Cameras

    Image URL, GPS coordinates, and view description of traffic cameras in GeoJSON format
  • OpenGov NSW API

    A repository of information published by NSW Government agencies, including Annual Reports and open access information released under the Government Information (Public Access)...
You can also access this registry using the API (see API Docs).