• From Transport More Trains More Services (MTMS) Data Bundle

    Sydney Trains GTFS More Trains More Services data feed and a route reference file that we use to map the route ID to the lines in the trip planner.
  • From Transport Historic Alerts

    This dataset contains a spreadsheet with public transport alert information for June to December 2017.
  • From Transport Maritime Web Camera

    Locations of web cameras, including links to the RMS website for viewing of live feeds.
  • From Transport Maritime Speed Zone

    Areas of speed restrictions (in knots) as designated by signs along the waterway.
  • From Transport Maritime Shallow Water Area

    Areas of assumed shallow water (depth of less than approximately 2 metres in tidal waters and the shallower water in inland waters at full supply).
  • From Transport Maritime Restricted Zone

    Areas of restricted waters for port security or naval purposes.
  • From Transport Maritime Public Wharf

    Public wharves, jetties and landing facilities.
  • From Transport Maritime Public Mooring

    Courtesy and emergency moorings.
  • From Transport Maritime No Wash Zone

    Areas where the generation of wash is prohibited as designated by signs along the waterway.
  • From Transport Maritime No Towing Zone

    Areas where towing of persons is prohibited as designated by signs along the waterway.
  • From Transport Maritime Coastal Bar

    Indicative locations of coastal bars as described in the Marine Safety Regulation 2016.
  • From Transport Maritime Aid to Navigation

    Channel markers and other selected aids to navigation.
  • From Transport Historic Roads Travel Time Data (TTDS)

    Travel time data is collected in real-time from commercial vehicles and has been provided in this dataset for four separate weeks in 2016 and for two months in 2017. 2016 TTDS...
  • From Transport Transport Local Area Maps

    This dataset contains maps depicting the local area around selected train stations, ferry wharves and lightrail stops. These maps are similar to the ones you might find at a...
  • From Transport Historical GTFS Bundles and Timetables

    This dataset contains historical GTFS bundles and other older data.
  • From Transport Ferry Fleet Capacity Information

    Table outlining the official capacity limits for the ferry fleet. Includes the different classes and vessels.
  • From Transport Journey to Work (JTW) 2016

    Thank you for your interest in Journey to Work data. Due to changes implemented by the ABS to confidentialise Census 2016 data and protect individuals from re-identification,...
  • TPA - Data Visualisations Popular

    The following Transport Performance Analytics (was BTS) data visualisations are available: Travel Zone Explorer Land use Planner - Population Land use Planner - Workforce...
  • Walking Data Popular

    The walking data featured here are from the Household Travel Survey (HTS), which is the largest and most comprehensive source of personal travel data for the Sydney Greater...
  • Journey to Work Popular

    Journey to Work (JTW) data are derived from the 5-yearly Census of Population and Housing conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). It includes data on employment...
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