• From Transport Cycling Propensity

    This dataset contains the propensity index for cycling across different areas. It also contains the report that examines spatial relationship between areas with high propensity...
  • From Transport Metro / Outer Metro Bus Contract boundaries

    Contains the latest Metro / Outer Metro Bus contract boundaries in a shapefile format This dataset is the shapefile equivalent to the pdf maps in the Opal Trips - Bus dataset
  • From Transport Waverley Council Data

    The dataset is provided in good faith by Waverley Council in an effort to promote a range of mobility options for visitors to the Waverley Local Government Area. There are a...
  • From Transport Fare Compliance Survey Results Data

    This dataset provides results data from the Fare Compliance Survey Results reports from November 2012 to the latest report. The fare compliance survey is conducted twice yearly...
  • From Transport PTAL (Public Transport Accessibility Level)

    PTAL is a measure of connectivity by public transport, which has been used in various planning processes for many years. For any selected place, PTAL suggests how well the place...
  • From Transport Metro Station Maps

    This dataset provides WCAG 2.0 compliant wayfinding maps for 13 Metro Stations along the Metro North West Line, including 8 new metro stations and 5 upgraded stations. Metro...
  • From Transport Urban Transport Congestion Maps

    This data is part of the strategic transport modelling undertaken for Urban Transport Crowding and Congestion, a supplementary report of the Australian Infrastructure Audit...
  • From Transport Taxi Rank

    The taxi rank API provides information about selected taxi ranks in NSW. It provides real time and and historical information about taxis activity and passengers count at the...
  • From Transport BOAM - Bus Opal Assignment Model

    This dataset provides an indicator of historic bus occupancy for individual bus services from January 2020.
  • From Transport Cycling Count

    This dataset contains the cycling count data for different local government area (LGA).
  • From Transport Traffic Lights Location

    This dataset contains the location of the traffic lights in New South Wales.
  • From Transport Major Event Bus Routes

    This dataset contains the major event bus routes to and from the venue.
  • From Transport Train Station Entries and Exits Data

    Data is the average of a three day sample, representing 'a typical day' of customer entries and exits at each train station.
  • From Transport Off-Street Parking

    Parking spaces that are available for service and delivery drivers in Sydney’s CBD (at commercial rates). Returns ZIP file containing GeoJSON and CSV files.
  • From Transport Parking Offences

    Parking related penalty notices issued by issuing authority, financial year and offence.
  • From Transport Penalty Notices

    Summary of speed, parking, seat belt, red light, mobile phone, food and CINS penalty notices issued by issuing agency.
  • From Transport Maritime Boat Ramp

    Boat ramps with attributes as displayed on the boat-ramp locator on the RMS website.
  • From Transport Parking Space Levy Assessments

    Dataset includes total number of liable car parks, client identifiers, car park location, category, number of spaces and number of liable spaces.
  • From Transport Temporary and/or Sample GTFS data

    This dataset contains sample or test data to be used by app developers for feedback.
  • From Transport Historical GTFS and GTFS Realtime

    This dataset contains historical GTFS and GTFS Realtime data. Initially Ferries data and will include other modes over time.
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