• From Transport Urban Transport Access to jobs and services

    This data is part of the strategic transport modelling undertaken for Urban Transport Crowding and Congestion, a supplementary report of the Australian Infrastructure Audit...
  • From Transport Opal Trips - All Modes

    This dataset contains a consolidated view of Official Utilisation figures across all transport modes (train, bus, ferry and light rail). Opal daily tap-on/tap-off data is...
  • From Transport Train Station Maps (including Metro)

    This dataset provides WCAG 2.0 compliant wayfinding maps for 34 Sydney train stations and 13 Metro Stations. Each map displays entrances, lift locations, transport mode...
  • From Transport Customer Satisfaction Index - Results Nov 2014 - Nov 2015

    Between Nov 2014 and Nov 2015, Transport for NSW conducted three surveys to measure customer satisfaction levels across the NSW public transport system. This dataset provides...
  • From Transport NSW Intrastate Regional Aviation Statistics

    This dataset contains patronage statistics for all intrastate air services to and from Sydney airport. This data is collected quarterly under the Air Transport Regulation 2016....
  • From Transport Maritime Public Mooring

    Courtesy and emergency moorings.
  • From Transport FOAM - Ferry Opal Assignment Model

    This dataset provides an indicator of historic ferry occupancy for individual ferry services from November 2019.
  • From Transport Cycleway Data

    A database of cycleway infrastructure located throughout NSW maintained by Roads and Maritime Services.
  • From Transport Autonomous Vehicles - GTFS Timetables

    This dataset contains GTFS timetables for autonomous vehicles in NSW.
  • From Transport Regional Day Return Indicator

    The Regional Day Return indicator is a measure of regional centre connectivity under the Future Transport Strategy. It aims to provide new connections for regional communities...
  • From Transport Parking and Council Data

    This dataset contains the various parking and council related data that has been made available on the Open Data Hub. It covers parking related penalty notices, the location of...
  • From Transport Road and Speed Data

    The Open Data Hub has numerous data relating to roads and speed, whether it be the Sydney Region Carriageway, the Tolls on our NSW roads, or the speed zones and speed camera...
  • From Transport Historical Traffic API

    The historical traffic API provides historical data on NSW incidents.
  • From Transport Maritime Web Camera

    Locations of web cameras, including links to the RMS website for viewing of live feeds.
  • From Transport Maritime Speed Zone

    Areas of speed restrictions (in knots) as designated by signs along the waterway.
  • From Transport Maritime Restricted Zone

    Areas of restricted waters for port security or naval purposes.
  • From Transport Maritime Public Wharf

    Public wharves, jetties and landing facilities.
  • From Transport Maritime Coastal Bar

    Indicative locations of coastal bars as described in the Marine Safety Regulation 2016.
  • From Transport Maritime Aid to Navigation

    Channel markers and other selected aids to navigation.
  • From Transport Peak Train Load Estimates

    Peak train load estimates use data extracted from the Rail Opal Assignment Model (ROAM). This model assigns Opal journeys to services based on the rail daily working timetable...
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