• From Transport Outer Urban Public Transport Maps for Greater Sydney

    This data is part of the strategic transport modelling undertaken for Outer Urban Public Transport Maps, which was released in October 2018. The Outer Urban Public Transport...
  • From Transport Transport Mode Symbols and Pictograms

    Here you can find symbols and pictograms for all transport modes to use in your apps, products and other projects. Symbols and icons are available in various formats, while all...
  • From Transport Active Transport: Walking

    This data explores the nature of walk trips in Sydney. The walking data featured here are from the Household Travel Survey (HTS), which is the largest and most comprehensive...
  • From Transport Historic Alerts

    This dataset contains a spreadsheet with public transport alert information for June to December 2017.
  • From Transport Public Transport - Timetables - For Realtime

    Static timetables, stop locations, and route shape information in GTFS format for operators that support realtime
  • From Transport Public Transport - Realtime Trip Update

    Stop time updates for active trips, replacement vehicles, and changed stopping patterns in GTFS-realtime format for Buses, Ferries, Light Rail and Trains
  • From Transport Public Transport - Realtime Vehicle Positions

    Current vehicle positions in GTFS-realtime format for Buses, Ferries, Light Rail and Trains
  • From Transport Public Transport - Realtime Alerts

    Realtime alerts at either the stop, trip, or service line level in GTFS-realtime format for Train, Bus, Ferry, Light Rail, and Coaches.
  • From Transport Transport Park&Ride car park locations

    Transport Park&Ride provides up to 18 hours free parking each day. Customers are eligible to free parking by completing a public transport journey by tapping on and off...
  • From Transport Trip Planner APIs

    Create your own personal public transport trip planner. APIs interact with the transportnsw.info trip planner and provide the ability for NSW public transport trip planning,...
  • From Transport Transport Local Area Maps

    This dataset contains maps depicting the local area around selected train stations, ferry wharves and lightrail stops. These maps are similar to the ones you might find at a...
  • From Transport Customer Satisfaction Index - Results 2016

    In 2016, Transport for NSW conducted four surveys to measure customer satisfaction levels across the NSW public transport system. This dataset provides the results of the surveys.
  • From Transport Network Maps

    This dataset contains network maps for the NSW transport network.
  • From Transport Public Transport - Location Facilities and Operators

    Operator contact details and location facilities for train stations, ferry wharves and bus interchanges. Gateway API is provided for legacy applications, this data is no longer...
  • From Transport Active Transport: Cycling

    The information featured here include data from the Sydney Cycling Survey (SCS). The SCS surveys over 11,000 individuals from 4,000 households. It collects information about...
  • From Transport Urban Transport Crowding Maps

    This data is part of the strategic transport modelling undertaken for Urban Transport Crowding and Congestion, a supplementary report of the Australian Infrastructure Audit...
  • From Transport Opal Patronage

    This dataset contains the Opal patronage data for train, bus, ferry and light rail since January 2020. The data is a companion to the Travel Insights into Transport for NSW...
  • From Transport Maritime Public Mooring

    Courtesy and emergency moorings.
  • From Transport Opal Trips - All Modes

    This dataset contains a consolidated view of Official Utilisation figures across all transport modes (train, bus, ferry and light rail). Opal daily tap-on/tap-off data is...
  • From Transport Train Station Maps (including Metro)

    This dataset provides WCAG 2.0 compliant wayfinding maps for 34 Sydney train stations and 13 Metro Stations. Each map displays entrances, lift locations, transport mode...
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