• From Transport BOAM - Bus Opal Assignment Model

    This dataset provides an indicator of historic bus occupancy for individual bus services from January 2020.
  • From Transport Opal Trips - Ferry

    This dataset contains Official Ferry Utilisation figures. Opal tap-on/tap-off data (representing an individual entering & exiting a wharf), is allocated to a route and...
  • From Transport Cycling Propensity

    This dataset contains the propensity index for cycling across different areas. It also contains the report that examines spatial relationship between areas with high propensity...
  • From Transport Sydney Spring Cycle 2017 - Road Closures

    This dataset details the road closures for the Sydney Spring Cycle 2017 on the 15th October 2017
  • From Transport Opal Trips - All Modes

    This dataset contains a consolidated view of Official Utilisation figures across all transport modes (train, bus, ferry and light rail). Opal daily tap-on/tap-off data is...
  • From Transport Maritime Boat Ramp

    Boat ramps with attributes as displayed on the boat-ramp locator on the RMS website.
  • From Transport Off-Street Parking

    Parking spaces that are available for service and delivery drivers in Sydney’s CBD (at commercial rates). Returns ZIP file containing GeoJSON and CSV files.
  • From Transport Parking Permits, Meters and Rates

    This dataset contains City of Sydney interactive maps that show Parking Permit Areas, Parking Meter Status, and Ticket Parking Rates. For more information visit...
  • From Transport Penalty Notices

    Summary of speed, parking, seat belt, red light, mobile phone, food and CINS penalty notices issued by issuing agency.
  • From Transport Parking Space Levy Assessments

    Dataset includes total number of liable car parks, client identifiers, car park location, category, number of spaces and number of liable spaces.
  • From Transport Cycleway Data

    A database of cycleway infrastructure located throughout NSW maintained by Roads and Maritime Services.
  • From Transport Pop Up Cycleway

    This dataset includes six pop up cycleways in key commuter areas across the city to promote walking and cycling. The pop up cycleways is part of a set of initiatives developed...
  • From Transport Cycling Count

    This dataset contains the cycling count data for different local government area (LGA).
  • From Transport Cycle Network - City of Sydney

    Existing, rideable bicycle routes through the City of Sydney local government area for bicycle commuters. For more information visit...
  • From Transport NSW Boat Registrations and Licences

    This dataset shows the number of registered boats by postcode in NSW and the number of active boat licences by postcode in NSW. Maritime NSW deals with recreational boating so...
  • From Transport NSW Boating Ramps

    This dataset provides the locations of NSW boating ramps along with details such as the responsible authority, ramp condition, contact details and the available facilities (e.g....
  • From Transport Car Share Bays

    The City of Sydney supports car sharing to enable more sustainable travel habits and helps keep businesses and residents connected. This data is provided by City of Sydney and...
  • From Transport Cycling Data

    This dataset includes the open data sets we have about cycling and bicycle counts and includes the following data: Popup Cycleway The Popup Cycleway data includes six popup...
  • FuelCheck Popular

    FuelCheck provides real-time information about fuel prices at service stations across NSW and is accessible on any device connected to the internet, including smartphones,...
  • From City of Sydney City banners - active

    City banners are a highly effective advertising medium to promote festivals, sporting, retail, arts, charity, business and cultural events.View the interactive map.More...
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