Data Sharing Agreement Generator prototype V.2

The Data Sharing Agreement (DSA) Generator is a prototype of a digital tool that NSW Government agencies can use to create or update existing data sharing agreements.

The purpose of the tool is to make appropriate sharing of data safer and easier for agencies by providing them with a simple online process for creating comprehensive and fit-for-purpose data sharing agreements.

The DSA Generator is only a prototype to test whether this is something agencies want and need. It does not generate an actual Agreement and only the first section of the tool has been developed. We hope it gives you an idea of how the tool could work in practice.

How will the DSA Generator benefit NSW Government agencies?

  • It will save time and resources by standardising, streamlining and simplifying the process for creating DSAs
  • It will build confidence and trust among agencies sharing data by introducing a robust and transparent DSA process
  • it will reduce confusion and risks by providing clarity around the responsibilities of all parties when sharing government data
  • It will improve auditability and transparency by creating a centralised digital history of the DSA

We value your feedback so please try out the tool and let us know what you think via this short survey.

For more information on how the DSA Generator works, see the User Guide below:

DSA Generator User Guide - approved.pdf

As the prototype is not compatible with some web browsers, we recommend using Google Chrome.

Last updated: 05 November 2019