Data culture

This toolkit provides advice to help agencies build strong data cultures that support releasing open data to the public, and sharing data between agencies.

Building a strong data culture

This guide contains a range of advice on the levers to pull to make data sharing and release a business as usual activity in NSW government agencies.

Agency policy, practice, leadership and culture should contribute to data release. There are a range of small changes that can be made in each of these areas to better enable better data sharing and release.

Open data

The release of open data is a key component of government transparency, accountability and innovation. This page provides a quick summary of the key things that agencies need to do to release open data.

Making more government data available as open data is a key commitment of NSW government and a driver of the NSW digital economy.

Data skills 

The Data Skills pages bring together a broad range of data learning resources to support NSW Government employees improve their data capability. These pages will evolve over time to provide a growing set of learning materials on specific topics.

Access to data and use of data related skills help government agencies develop and deliver better services.

Data Champions Network

The Data Champions Network are data professionals working across NSW government. The network provides a collaborative space for these data champions to share their data experiences, show their work, and solve data problems collectively.

The Data Champions in the network:

  • Share their data experiences, lessons learned and relevant resources.  
  • Provide input on new data initiatives to drive data best practice across NSW government.
  • Keep their respective agency informed of NSW Government data initiatives and strategic directions.

Developing a business case for data sharing

To help your agency start to do more with data, this advice gives some arguments for engaging more with data sharing and release.

Some agencies are still building their data cultures and this advice can help drive change in environments new to data sharing and release.

Measuring data maturity

Agencies that want to build their open data culture and maturity can use these self assessment tools to build organisational capability or to improve the machine processability of their open data.

Agencies needing advice on practical tips for building open data maturity can use these tools to help improve their processes.


Last updated: 19 June 2019