Data Governance

The NSW Data Analytics Centre (DAC) aims to encourage government-wide data-sharing and collaboration. Government agencies have traditionally been responsible for achieving objectives within their own department, constrained by their own budget and resources. The creation of a central data platform facilitates data-sharing and inter-departmental collaboration, combating operational silos and focusing on state-wide outcomes that are greater than the sum of their parts.

The DAC operates whole of government and world leading data analytics infrastructure and data science capability. It provides a safe and secure data environment to enable data sharing across government agencies, as well as enabling effective publishing and re-use of Government data to inform delivery of better social and economic outcomes.

The DAC has strong technical, legal and ethical controls as part of our data governance and data protection practices built around our data protection framework, and we strongly adhere to data sharing and privacy legislation to ensure the data assets it holds are safe, trusted, accurate and reliable.

The DAC’s platforms approach combines data engineering, data security and data governance expertise and agile and lean methodologies, and independence from traditional IT operations, to appropriately safeguard and govern data separately from business systems, processes and staff, as well as appropriate access controls and monitoring of access and usage. The DAC security statement outlines DAC’s commitment to strong security.

The DAC undertakes projects that are in the public interest, using scientific methods and processes of review that improve outcomes for the people of NSW and strengthen the public service. It manages a lean project proposal process where government agencies may submit proposals for consideration. The DAC works closely with agencies on proposals, and those approved and prioritised by government are further progressed.

To further strengthen data protection, the DAC is working with agencies and data linkage, privacy, legal and ethics experts to develop a whole of government approach to linked data in NSW that supports customers and governments to make better decisions and achieve better outcomes using appropriately managed and protected linked data assets.