The Data.NSW Apps Showcase provides details of apps that have been created using openly available data, or data that has been made available to entrants in competitions (such as Apps4NSW) or hackathons.

It is not a list of all applications that are released by NSW Government agencies - for these, check out the NSW Government's mobile app catalogue.


Real-time road apps

Easy Drop

Easy Drop is an interactive app designed especially for commercial delivery drivers who want to manage their daily delivery schedule, plan for the fastest routes and be up-to-date with traffic conditions.

It has features designed specifically for commercial delivery drivers, such as being able to take a photo as proof of delivery and signature collection.

Easy Drop is one of the winning apps from the Roads and Martime Services's CodeWorks 2014 hackathon event. More information is available on the Roads and Maritime Services's Real-time road apps page or on the Easy Drop website.

Live Traffic NSW

Live Traffic NSW is an official app from Transport for NSW. It uses 24/7 road data from the Transport Management Centre to provide up-to-the-minute news of incidents and conditions on the road that will affect your journey in Sydney and regional NSW.

Save your favourite routes to set up scheduled alerts, and turn on Driving Mode to hear audio alerts of nearby incidents when you get in the car. You even have access to live traffic cameras, with images updated every 60 seconds.


Snarl provides up-to-date information about accidents and congestion across the road network – or close to your destination or route. Check out traffic conditions before and during your journey with voice traffic alerts that help you comply with hands-free safety laws. In driving mode, you’ll hear about current conditions and accidents nearby, and auto driving detection automatically warns you of incidents as soon as you start driving.

Snarl is one of the winning apps from the Roads and Martime Services' CodeWorks 2014 hackathon event. More information is available on the Roads and Maritime Services' Real-time road apps page, or on the Snarl website.


Auto is an iOS app for customers who have a number of locations they often travel to and want to see the current estimated travel time to help them plan when to leave.

It will automatically inform customers of the potential issues affecting their journey and recommend alternative routes by road, and provides dynamically generated directions and travel time estimates via multiple routes, continually updated before and during the journey, and clearly indicates within the app any incidents or disruptions that may affect their journey.

Auto is one of the winning apps from the Roads and Martime Services's CodeWorks 2014 hackathon event. More information is available on the Roads and Maritime Services's Real-time road apps page, or on the AppJourney website.


Roadmap uses state of the art technology to provide detailed traffic conditions delivered in real-time. The app presents a traffic visualisation of congestion along your commute. Stay up to date with traffic incidents affecting you with personalised traffic alerts and use the built in today widget to quickly glance at nearby traffic incidents. By Benjamin Johnson

Commuter NSW

Commuter NSW compares public transport and driving times in a single view and how these travel times change based on different departure times. Customers can also record daily travels which can then be re-used to predict the duration of the trip in current traffic situations.

It provides trip planning feature for both driving and travelling on public transportation options with comparison chart including the travelling time if departure in next an hour. Trip recording feature helps you to find out more about commuting time on your usual routes.

Commuter NSW is one of the winning apps from the Roads and Martime Services's CodeWorks 2014 hackathon event. More information is available on the Roads and Maritime Services's Real-time road apps page.

Real-time transport apps


Will it be quicker to take public transport or to drive? TripGo lets you find the best travel option from A-to-B using road and public transport real-time data, and get smart itineraries between home, work and calendar events. Search manually, or let it use your calendar to automatically provide trip options between scheduled events. Includes estimated cost of private vehicle trips including petrol, wear and tear, and carbon.

TripGo is one of the winning apps from the Roads and Martime Services's CodeWorks 2014 hackathon event. More information is available on the Roads and Maritime Services's Real-time road apps page or on the TripGo website.


NextThere is an iOS app which shows when the next trains, buses, ferries or light rail are due to depart from your current location. You can track your service live on an easy-to-read map and receive alerts about disruptions in advance of your journey. It even knows your current location, and can automatically show services from the nearest stop.

Its accessible travel options include information on lift and escalator outages, Intercity network station facilities and platform length, and wheelchair accessibility information for buses.

More information about this application can be found at the NextThere website.


Triptastic logo

Triptastic lets you see at a glance where you can go from your current location and the next available services to take you there. You can also explore interactive detailed maps for routes, stops and service frequencies. 

Its accessible travel options include information on lift and escalator outages, and accessibility information for bus services, ferry wharves and light rail.

More information about this application can be found at the Triptastic website.


TripView Sydney

TripView is a mobile phone app which delivers trip information to public transport users in the greater Sydney and Central Coast regions. The app is currently available for iPhone and Android users, in both a lite (free) version and a full (paid) version. Public transport users can access trip information where ever they are, whenever they need it, making trip planning easier than ever.

Transit App

Transit App is a full featured app for transport customers with a goal to make it easier for customers to travel on public transport. Transit App displays upcoming departure times for all nearby stops in big text and bright colours. Plan your trip in real time, check timetables, view route maps, set reminders and get notifications about disruptions. You can even request an Uber from within the app. By Transit App, Inc. enables customers with limited mobility to access the public transport system. Customers can plan their trip in real time and be provided with comfortable walking distances that avoid significant uphill or downhill slopes and stairs. Providing NSW public transport information in real time, generates trip plans taking into account elevation and gradients of ramps, numbers of steps, internal routing in stations, proximity to accessible parking, ground surfaces and more. Trip plans are automatically updated if services are delayed or cancelled so customers can easily navigate around any issues. By Sming.

Wheelchair Accessible IconAccessible travel: Assists customers with limited mobility


Metarove is a public transport trip planning app for customers with limited mobility, or who use a mobility aid such as a wheelchair, scooter, crutches or who travel with a pram or luggage. It offers trip planning with highly customisable features, including personal walking speed, maximum distance and an option to display accessible journeys. It also provides real-time NSW public transport information. If accessible routes are required, the trip planner will attempt to avoid buses, trains, stations and stops that are flagged as not wheelchair friendly, in real time. Metarove will alert customers if a selected station has a short platform and will advise which train carriages to board. By Metarove.

An iOS version of Metarove will be available soon. Register for early access.

Wheelchair Accessible IconAssists customers with limited mobility. Accessible travel: Compatible with Google TalkBack


Moovit combines information from Transport for NSW with live information from the user community. Live information received from customers offers all users improved route plans and more accurate estimates about arrival times. Moovit offers travellers a real-time picture and the fastest routes and announces the stops along a route and alerts the customer when their stop is approaching. Moovit users can also send active reports about their travel experience, such as availability of seats on the bus, cleanliness, and more. The more people that use Moovit, the more real-time information concerning buses and trains is distributed. By Moovit.

Windows Phone Store download

Transport apps

Opal Travel

Opal Travel icon

Plan journeys and manage your Opal card wherever you go. As well as trip planning tools, service disruption alerts and fare estimates, you can also see your Opal card balance and Weekly Travel Reward progress, plus top up, set auto top up or find nearby Opal retailers.

Android users –  If your mobile device has Near Field Communication you can scan your Opal card with your phone to see your current Opal balance and recent journey information.

Opal Travel is the only official Opal app and it’s free. By Transport for NSW.

Wheelchair Accessible IconAccessibility information: identifies wheelchair accessible services. Includes built-in support for 'TalkBack' on Android. Includes built-in support for VoiceOver on iOS

For more information, head to the Opal website.

Stop Announcer (NSW)

Stop Announcer (NSW) is designed to help customers with vision impairment navigate their way on public transport. It has a clear, high-contrast display and is designed to work with the Android accessibility feature, TalkBack to provide audio prompt announcements as customers arrive at bus stops, train stations, ferry wharves and light rail stops. More information and instructions on how to use the app is available on Transport for NSW Accessibility Apps page.

Wheelchair Accessible IconAccessibility information: Assists customers with vision impairment

Emergency apps

Fires Near Me (National)

Fires Near Me (National)

An official app of the NSW Rural Fire Service, Fires Near Me alerts you to bushfire activity as it happens across Australia and New Zealand, as well as monitoring when and where Total Fire Bans are in place.

The application provides the public and participating fire agencies with access to accurate and timely information on bush fires, as they unfold. The application puts you at the centre of the map, at your current position or a selected location, and alerts you to fires within a 50km radius. You can also select a fire on the map and view information about that fire.

Apps4NSW winning apps

TriviaPic NSW

TriviaPic NSW is a game-based mobile app that takes publicly available historic content from NSW Government sites—such as the State Library of NSW’s recently digitised historic photographic collections—and challenges players in two ways: Firstly, to score points by correctly answering trivia-style questions about the landmark NSW locations featured in the collections, and secondly, to provide any information they may have on that content, allowing the community collectively improve our knowledge of the iconic images.

The Art of Science - Butterfly and Moth Paintings

The Art of Science - Butterfly and  Moth Paintings

Explore the scientific paintings of sisters Harriet and Helena Scott, colonial Sydney's most famous natural history artists.

The Art of Science was developed through the apps4nsw program and the developers Beaconmaker worked closely with the Australian Museum to create ten levels of fun where users can learn about 195 species of butterflies and moths.

Click here for more information about this application.

Who Cares

Are you 25 years or under? Do you help to care for a family member or friend? If so, you might be a young carer.

Everyone has family commitments and chores at home, but some young people take on responsibilities that would normally be associated with an adult. Young carers are children and young people, 25 years or under, who help to support a family member or friend who has a disability, mental illness, drug or alcohol dependency, chronic condition, terminal illness or who is frail.

The Who Cares app is a free narrative based, self-identification tool designed to help young people with caring responsibilities to recognise their role and get the support they need. The app is home to the stories and voices of real young carers from all over NSW. The easy to use sharing function enables users to share these stories outside the app, with the broader community, giving the app an important role in building public awareness about the unique experience of young carers.

Demographic Drapes

Demographic Drapes

Winner of the inaugural apps4nsw competition, Demographic Drapes is a web application which provides access to demographic information from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, as well as other sources to suit many research needs.

Download the free, easy to use Demographic Drapes browser via

Towns Through Time

Now you can find images in the State Records collection from Adaminaby to the Zig Zag railway, all from your mobile phone!

Towns Through Time is a mobile phone app by Bathurst-based developers Appiwork who were the winners of an Apps4NSW challenge. Towns Through Time provides images from our photo collection based on your location. You can also browse other towns and locations using a keyword search function. The app uses Google Maps, location services and State Records' databases to allow people to search for images based on their current location, places on a map or with keywords and town names.

Click here for more information.