Challenge winner:

The apps4nsw Education Data Hub challenge was won by Geddup for their app "the School Bell".

The School Bell app is now available on Apple and Google Play app stores.

More information on Geddup and their exciting new app can be found here.


Hear directly from DEC representatives about their challenge. 

The challenge

The challenge laid down for you by the Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation (CESE) is to use your creativity and nous to build a clever and useful app with NSW education data.

Check out the CESE Datahub at and explore what is available. The website provides data regarding school characteristics, student enrolments, performance data, teacher information, early childhood education and care data, attendance and retention rates and much more.

We don’t want to stifle your imagination, but here are a few examples to get your juices flowing:

  • Apps for future students and parents that provide information about their local public school.
  • Apps that keep current students and parents in the loop about their school’s news, events, assignments and more.
  • Apps that are linked to school timetables and automatically set the phone to ‘in-class’ mode to ensure lessons are not interrupted.

About the Datahub

The Datahub is a searchable central repository of publicly available data for the NSW Department of Education and Communities. Using this site you able to interact with data, export data and create your own views. We are constantly publishing new datasets as new data becomes available.

About the Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation (CESE)

CESE was created in 2012 to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and accountability of education in New South Wales. CESE is focused on supporting decision-making in education delivery and development with strong evidence.

CESE’s three main responsibilities are:

  • To provide data analysis, information and evaluation that improve effectiveness, efficiency and accountability.
  • To create a one-stop shop for information needs – a single access point to education data that has appropriate safeguards to protect data confidentiality and integrity.
  • To build capacity across the whole education sector by developing intelligent tools to make complex data easy to use and understand, and providing accessible reports so that everyone can make better use of data.